About Mirmarnia



Mirmarnia is a world I created over twenty years ago. It started out as a short story and developed into visual descriptions and character portraits and as it developed, I found I could easily daydream in this created world whenever I wanted. 

Mirmarnia is a place I write about now, it's a story I've been writing for two decades and continue to write and rewrite as I'm never satisfied. So when I can't express myself in words, I draw or paint or sculpt and slowly I've been creating images that are snapshots of my created world and one day whenever I'm finally satisfied with the story, I'll publish it and see what happens. 

For now Mirmarnia is still a work in progress and still a place I go to to dream. So I wanted to create a way to finance my dream which is why I opened an art shop to sell my artwork relating to my imaginary world. Any sales from this shop will help to pay for me to take time in studio to write and create more of Mirmarnia. 

I'm using a dropshipping company on Shopify called, Printful. I've used them in the past with lots of wonderful results. They're prompt and always deliver excellent products and with my artwork on them, makes the products even more special. 

So if you want to support me and my art practice and my project, Mirmarnia, then please browse through my little online shop and share with your friends and family too! 

I do offer discounts so please get in touch if you'd like to find out about what discounts are available. 

Please also feel free to contact me through my artist website - www.franceskamccullough.co.uk 

Thank you for visiting my shop and being interested in my artwork and I hope you find something that makes you smile! 

Very best wishes to all,